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Tokara Winery, Delicatesan and Restaurant Contacts

Tokara Winery, Delicatesan and Restaurant

Not only is this a fantastic winery, its the decor, the art work when walking into the main doors, the way the vines are planted seem like art, the restaurant has food to die for, and the olives, the olives will leave you feeling like you have died and gone to heaven. The grapes are uniquely cultivated to give the best wine imaginable, stored in hanging tanks to not let the earths movements disturb the wine. Anything less than the best and the wine is labelled without a name (Zondernamn, still some of the best bottles money can buy). The restaurant has modern food with top chefs and the olive oils are uniquely South African. And the art work, carvings and paintings even done with wine.Brilliant. Perhaps the best is to hold a glass of Shiraz, looking out over the vast terrior...and know how good life is.
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