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I discovered Rocomamas recently...and what a great spot :) I've only ever gotten takeaways from them (there's generally a queue to get a table) and as it is very busy you do wait a little while to get your order - but it is worth the wait! We know the make your own salad, make your own pizza - now you can make your own Burger and there are a lot of toppings to choose from. What I love about Rocomamas, is that you can taste that the burger patty is made from real meat - no artificial-ness to it at all. Compared to other takeaway burgers it is quite expensive but you get a restaurant quality burger, which would cost a chunk more in any good restaurant. The chips are cheap and HUGE. My only negative is that if you hit them at a busy time, the chips tend to be a little soggy. This has definitely become one of my go-to spots for a yummy takeaway meal!
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