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Mapungubwe Tree Top walk and Confluence Contacts

Mapungubwe Tree Top walk and Confluence

The Mapungubwe National Park is in a lar away corner of South Africa, but has a myriad of unique attractions. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a National Park, famous for Iron Age cultural relics and a fantastic place for a holiday. But a special place in the park is the tree top walk. A raised wooded platform is built into the tree's, giving guests a magical time walking among the tree's and getting a birds eye perspective on the birds, some endemic to the area. And at the end of the platform, lies a view of the Limpopo river, and the confluence, where one can stand in South Africa, and look over Botswana and Zimbabwe at the same time. Its not often that one can see three countries at one point. And for this, it makes it a magical spot to enjoy.
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