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Kop Family Community Gardens

The Kop Family Community Gardens were started with the help of the City of Prior Lake, and the Kop Family of Prior Lake.  Converted over to a community garden, this was the official homestead location of the Kop Family who farmed and raised their family here on the edge of downtown Prior Lake. The Kop family, as they retired, were overwhelmed with developers and people who wanted to buy their lakefront land, and use it to build new homes and businesses.  The Kop family refused, and donated a large share of the land to the city and county, for all to use.  This public donation, has made the Kop Family a legend in Prior Lake, and we all remember the goats and other animals they kept along the highway leading to their home. With grateful respect, please visit the Kop Family Community Gardens and join us in their kindness, by growing and donating the food you grow to those who are in need.  A welcome reminder of good being done, at a local level.
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